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"Meine Werke im Fashion Magazine ASTONISH MAGAZINE - FASHION 

AND ART mit dem Thema THE GODDESS WITHIN als Cover und Interview!!!"

photographe ICH
hairstyling ICH
makeup by IRYNA GOR
model Paula B.
year 2011



Full Name:  Alexandra Gor. (Alexx.Photography)
Age:  19
Location:  Bremen, Germany

What sparked your interest in photography?
I believe it was my ability and desire to draw from my childhood.

If someone asked my parents to describe me when I was 

a child, they would certainly characterise me as a small
atomic reactor (some kind of a non-stopping creativity 
and fantasy in everything what I was doing).
I remember myself as a child who was always drawing 
and painting everyday and everywhere.
I tried to put on paper everything I have seen around me. 
I draw flowers, animals,
people. Sometimes my pictures looked like pictogram from ancient times))).

Most of all I loved to make drawings on the walls in the house!!! 
(Poor my parents! They have to show their
patience, looking as their first child spoiling day by day just renewed 
house !!!) But I loved to do it! There were so many places to make 
my childish paintings !

And then came one day when I learned to write my name Alex !
From this moment I started to put my signature to everything I 
draw. My pictures stopped to be anonymous.
From now everybody could read  the name who did it: "Alexx. 
3 year old".
"Alexx. 4 years old". "Alexx. 5 years old"... 
Who knows how long it could continue, because there were still 
a lot of empty places in the house, 
where I can make my paintings and put my signature! :-)))

Time goes by. 
And one day when I was 5 years old my Daddy got me for 
the first time to his office in the printing company.
There was a big PowerMac with a huge 21-inch Radius monitor !!! 
Wow !!!  
That day I heard for the first time about Adobe PhotoShop ! 
I was allowed to play with a mouse. So I started to draw on 
computer the most simple things I can do and I left alone the walls in the house.
My parents finally relaxed. They were happy with my new hobby. So do I. 
I  loved to go to Daddy´s office and stay there as long as possible 
every time when it was allowed to me, because there was a huge monitor and a magical mouse.

My Daddy still has many of my drawings made on the Power Mac in my childhood.

Time goes by. 
I grew up. My paintings became more and more complicated. I loved to make collages.
The power of PhotoShop opened a new horizons to my fantasy.

When did you start shooting? 

At the age of 12 I got my own Olympus digital camera ! 
My life changed completely since that moment! 
I made my first experience with photography everyday. I went to 
bed and got up with a camera.
I made shoot of everybody and everything.

At the age of 16 my parents made me a present : a semiprofessional 

Canon 5D . That day I can say I started as a PHOTOGRAPHER !!! 
A small girl with a real big camera. I was so proud. 
I started to shoot people. First all my friends. Then friends of my friends...
and then I started experiments with self portrait. 

My digital camera and PhotoShop became my best friends !

What is the most difficult challenge you face with photography?
Difficult challenge? 
I think Photography is always a difficult challenge ! 
Someone has described PHOTOGRAPHY as the ability to write with a LIGHT. 
Just imagine, we PHOTOGRAPHERS are drawing with reflected LIGHT ! 
More or less LIGHT and we get different pictures. 

I believe that every photo shoot with a new person is a difficult challenge 
to any photographer.
You just met a new person in the studio not even knowing this person before. 
You met him just a few minutes ago ! 
And you should make a portrait with the means of LIGHT. Is not  that a challenge?

But I love challenges, especially in photography!

I love to see how people react, when they start seeing the first results.
I ask them to do something, to move, to stay still... And they trust me ! 
They do what I ask and we get a great results !
I am looking for individuality, for signs of character, trying to find so-called 
chocolate-side" of a person.
And when I got it - I am happy ! 

What comes easily to you about photography?
Improvisation !
Yes, just improvisation with posing, clothes, attributes and of course with LIGHT and colors !
Mostly I like spontaneous improvisation. I got the inspiration at the moment I meet a person.
And You never know what will come out of it. 
But it does work ! By me always ! 

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?
I have so many ideas and plans for my future. 
I just finished gymnasium and started my grown life.
I have to do learn a lot about photography, photo design, printing process.
And who knows how would my life will look like if there were not my parents.
I adore them! They put a shoulder to me every time in a 

very special moment of my life. I have got an invitation to be a 
member of a CREATIVE  PRODUCTION TEAM  by my Mother´s 
and my Dad´s printing company. 

I would like to create with my mother a new HIGH FASHION PHOTO 
DESIGN AGENCY to produce
many interesting projects for printing media.

Now I start to work with my mother. She is a high level professional 
Makeup Artist and Stylist and a freelance photographer.
She is being engaged in model and fashion business for many years.
We just got an order to create a new COLORFUL FASHION FANTASY 
CALENDER-2012 for one printing house. 

How it will look like in the future you can see on the title of this issue 
of ASTONISH  Magazine.

My imagination and my fantasy take my breathe away !  I am just happy !

Describe your dream photo shoot:
Oh, dear! 
If you asked me this question one year ago, I would sure say something 
like "It was great to make 
a FASHION PHOTO SHOOT with a famous models on the Moon and to 
have an Earth as a background !!!"
That is non-realistic.

But why not to make a FASHION PHOTO SHOOT in safari with animals, 
or somewhere near waterfall, having a beautiful 
sunset as a background. That is quite a realistic dream !

I believe one day my dream will come true! It is already come true ! 
My pictures are published on the title of ASTONISH MAGAZINE !!!

What/who is an ideal model?
A woman. 
A feminine woman. 
As to my opinion she is Gisele Bundchen !

Who haven't you shot, that you would like to?
There are so many celebrities I would like to shoot. 
Gisele Bundchen, Kate Moss, Karolina Kurkova, Adriana 
Lima, Natalia Vodianova and many many others.
But as you see I could get celebrities in front of my camera, 
so I do it with other people who comes to me!
As if they are celebrities!
But who knows, may be some day I will get a call or mail... 

What are your goals for photography? 
To my mind, the most important goal for me is to 
show the BEAUTY in each person I make a shooting with.

We are all different. We see ourselves in the mirror everyday. And 
we try to act in the life 
as if we are on the scene in theater. We are the actors and 
spectaculars at the same time.
We like or don´t like how we look like. But it is not the same 
what we like in ourselves and
what other like in us. We have two "chocolate-sides" : 
one for us and another for others.

The goal for photography is to make equal between two sides, 
to find compromise. The result should be acceptable for all.  

And when you see that the pictures you put on the web are 
getting more and more comments,
you understand that the goal is achieved!  

What draws you to fashion?
That is a good question!
I belong to a new generation, to which FASHION is a STYLE OF LIFE. 
We have to learn the history fashion in order to understand the it.

What do you think fashion communicates to those around you?

Fashion as itself is a very powerful tool for a young generation 
to express themselves to a society,
to establish communication to those around us.
It depends on our vision and comprehensive of FASHION, just to 
know how the society will react : 

whether it will except  or reject us from the first sight.

I said FASHION is a POWERFUL TOOL, because with the means 
of fashion we can get a tremendous results.

We have to understand FASHION to use it right.

What do you think fashion says about society?

You know the common meaning, that people meet other people first 
by CLOTHES (say Fashion)  and  only then say goodbye by their MIND.

We are individuals, we use fashion differently in order to express ourselves.
But society requires to distinguish groups of people (i.g. lawyers, bankers, 
taxi drivers, teachers, etc.) within itself.
And if think it over it is the FASHION - the way we look like.

Look at someone! What clothes you see on someone? Can you distinguish 
to which society he belongs?
I think it is the same as to Professor Higgins by Bernard Show "Pygmalion"  
was to distinguish to where the
person belongs at the moment this person pronounce his first words.

How do you think women are portrayed in fashion?
Women have so many different possibilities to be portrayed in fashion.
There are so many ways to express mood, joy, love, sexy look, classic, 
feminine, strength, softness, activity,
secrecy, etc. 
Women can do it very well without FASHION, but with a FASHION they 
can be even more expressive!  
Do you agree with me?

Describe who you think the modern woman is?
The world we are living in is what a woman is. 
Have you seen that a man stand up when a woman comes in?
Have you seen that a man give a seat to a woman in public transport?
A modern world leaves no chance to woman be a woman.
A modern woman is an independent woman. She must be strong, able to manage
all situations in life, be financially independent, be a businesswoman !!! Everywhere! 
In the office and at home. But who wants it ? 
Deep in the soul a modern woman is still wants to be a woman!!!

What does "The Goddess Within" mean to you? 
"The Goddess Within" means to me a woman on her path to becoming 
the woman that she was meant to be from the beginning: wise, intuitive, 
compassionate, feminine.

How does a photograph tell a story or deliver a message?
A photograph has quite a great variety of tools to deliver a message 
or to tell a story. The angle of view (a focus), a light, location, attributes, retouch, colors, 
collage, the final cut, etc.
It is also important how a picture is being shown to viewers: the frame, 
the ambient, the size, etc.

What kinds of stories do you want your photography to tell? 
As I told you already, I am working now with my mother´s creative TEAM.
She is a professional Makeup Artist, Stylist and freelance Photograph.
What she can do with models before they come in front of a camera is just a miracle !

We have many interesting ideas which we want to realize by our commercial projects.

The current project we are working now is MODELS` NEW FACES.
We are trying to show models from different and unknown side.
This a very complicated challenge. And I think the results are worth it.


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